BizView 6.0 is now ready for installation!

Today we present the new BizView 6.0 version with many new and improved features. One new feature is the ability to auto generate multi-level outline subtotals within both reports and forms. We have put a lot of effort in rebuilding and improving the administration of objects/dimensions. For example it?s now possible to quickly rebuild dimension hierarchies such as organisations or customer structures graphically using drag-and-drop technology.
Read more about the most important news in BizView 6.0 here!

About BizView and NCG Group
BizView is one of the leading systems for forecasting, budgeting and reporting in the Nordic countries. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with QlikView?s and Microsoft?s business intelligence offerings. BizView is developed and marketed by NCG Group with offices in Scandinavia and is marketed outside Scandinavia by partners. NCG Group has more 1000 companies that use our solutions.
For more information see www.ncg-group.com

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