BizView consolidates its position as a leading forecasting system for the food industry in the Scandinavian market

NCG Group continues its great success through its strategic partnership with in the Scandinavian market for the food industry.
Now, we can together with iStone also wish Lerum Fabrikker AS welcome as BizView customer.
Sales Director Geir Elvestad says that by cooperation with NCG Group and the software BizView iStone can offer world-class solutions in the food industry. One of the major challenges for the industry is to take control of demand and thereby create accurate forecasts, which is a key factor to optimize purchasing, production, logistics, etc. Elvestad says that with BizView Forecast iStone complement the world-leading ERP system Microsoft Dynamics with features supporting processes for forecast control.
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About BizView and NCG Group
BizView is one of the leading systems in forecasting, budgeting and reporting in the Nordic countries. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with QlikView and Microsoft’s business intelligence offerings. BizView is developed and marketed by NCG Group with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and development in Skellefte?. NCG Group has over 500 customers where over 1,000 companies use our solutions.
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About Lerum Fabrikker
Lerum AS has since the start 1907 placed great emphasis on building a company culture where creativity, knowledge and community are central. The company has approx. 140 employees and produces juices, jams and juices. It is the 4th generation Lerum who owns the business. The company has managed to produce quality products and appears to be “honest” by being credible, delivering quality, solid, have integrity and be independent. The company’s products have a distinctive design. The company is actively working with innovation and product development. The company has gone through constant investment and upgrades and now seems highly automated and designed for the future. The company has a very good working environment.
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About iStone abc
We deliver customized information solutions to the food industry and unique information solutions to businesses with demanding needs for information and goods logistics. Our solutions support and supervise all business processes in an organization. For example, the value-creating processes in marketing, sales, orders, inventory, handling, distribution, manufacturing, delivery and processes in support functions such as accounting, finance, payroll and human resources. Our mission is to create and deliver information solutions to businesses that see the benefits of using modern information technology to optimize the logistical efficiency, strengthen documented product and process quality and not least, monitor and control their operations.
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