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Dala Kraft chooses BizView for their overall performance management

NCG Group delivers BizView to Dala Kraft for their performance management. BizView will interact with Dala Kraft?s other business systems in reporting, dashboards, management information, budgeting and forecast management.
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About BizView
Software product with workflow and process management for planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, reports and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface, dashboards and web technology!
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About Dala Kraft
Welcome to Dala Kraft ? a collaboration of nine energy companies in Dalarna.
Our philosophy is to be close to our customers. Closeness is more than physical proximity. It is also a question of confidence and reliability. What is most important is that the customer receives fast and personal service irrespective of where you are, geographically speaking.
About NCG Group
NCG Group develops software products for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Our main objective is to simplify, improve and streamline our customer?s daily tasks through intuitive and profitability oriented software products for more effective company control.

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