Europe’s Crowd Conference Debuts in Copenhagen this October 14-16

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014 will take place in Copenhagen on October 14-16, as the first-of-its-kind, three-day conference uniting the community around the crowd economy in Europe.
Building on the 2014 theme ?Empowering Transformations through the Crowd Economy,? CSW Europe will provide a cutting-edge look at how crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and the crowd economy are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across all industries.
Following a successful global conference in Singapore that saw hundreds of forward-thinkers from 31 countries converge to learn, network, and engage, CSW Europe will provide an equally in-depth look at the impact of the crowd economy, crowdfunding, and crowd technologies?and what it means for your organization.
Speakers comprise of pioneers leading disruptive, crowd-driven transformations in their industry. Nathan Waterhouse, openIDEO; Ken Webster, Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Darren Westlake, founder of CrowdCube are just a few speakers who will show attendees how crowds are driving ideas, innovation, and acceleration in three areas:
Tues, October 14 – Crowd Economy: Big Picture Impact
Weds, October 15 – Crowdfunding: Invest, Innovate & Accelerate
Thurs, October 16 – Crowd Technologies & Business Models
View the program sessions.
With an emphasis on actionable insights, case-studies, and current and future trends, the action-packed agenda includes 30+ global experts in this arena who will highlight how crowds can drive ideas, innovation, and acceleration in your organization.
To join the leaders of the crowd economy in Copenhagen for CSW Europe 2014, register here.
Crowdsourcing Week is a global forum committed to educating decision makers on the power of the crowdsourcing ecosystem and the positive impact it can have on the brand and its stakeholders. We catalyze discussion and learning among enterprise-level executives, entrepreneurs, and financiers on best practices in the new crowd-driven era of business.

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