NEOVA upgrades to BizView for their performance monitoring and reporting

NEOVA has for many years used NCG Group?s software products and has now decided to move to BizView that will interact with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Ax and other operation specific systems. Moreover BizView will also be integrated with the group?s Cognos solution where some information is retrieved.
BizView is used to monitor performance through of key indicators directly in NEOVA?s intranet and for all employees through BizView?s dashboard functionality, as well as information output through the report function.
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About BizView and NCG Group
BizView is one of the leading systems for forecasting, budgeting and reporting in the Nordic countries. The software provides a web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with QlikView?s and Microsoft?s business intelligence offerings. BizView is developed and marketed by NCG Group with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and development in Skellefte?. NCG Group has more than 500 customers where over 1000 companies use our solutions.
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NEOVA is Scandinavia?s leading bioenergy company. Our purpose is to ensure the availability of local sustainable energy.
Our offer consists of the products pellets, unprocessed tree by products, peat and district heating. Our broad product portfolio enables us to meet the Swedish market needs for bioenergy. NEOVA also runs a high tech composting plant, the first of its kind in Sweden. Our customers include large heat plants and industries as well as homeowners.
Our clear focus on bioenergy fuels plays a specific role in the Swedish energy and environmental policy. The aim is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and instead increase the use of fuels that are gentle on the environment.
NEOVA is a part of the Finnish Vapo Group who is the world?s largest peat producer and a leader in bioenergy in the Baltic region, with a turnover of over 7.3 billion SEK. Vapo Group is to 51% owned by the Finnish state and to 49% by a consortium of Finnish municipal energy companies.
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