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Norlandia Hotel Group chooses BizView from NCG Group for their corporate performance management

Norlandia Hotel Group has selected the web based software product BizView from NCG Group to further develop and strengthen their corporate performance management for their Scandinavian business.
Hotel operations today are characterized by strong competition and the need for active monitoring and management is very large. By BizView one can strengthen processes in performance reporting, budgeting and forecasting as well as implementing support for management information utilizing dashboards and business intelligence functions.
CEO of Norlandia Hotel Group, Morten Kahrs, pronounce in connection with the contract that BizView is an important element for creating the most effective control system for hotel operations.
Project manager in NCG Group, ?yvind H?egh, pronounce in connection with contract that Norlandia Hotel Group is again a good example of companies with high demands on their performance management that chooses BizView. ?yvind H?egh says further that the experience gained so far from all BizView projects are that it gives very fast results for the customer, which also is a clear objective for the Norlandia Hotel Group project.
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About BizView
BizView is a web based software product for performance reporting, budgeting, forecasting, operational consolidation and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface and dashboards.
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About Norlandia Hotel Group
The Norlandia hotel chain has been operating in Scandinavia for many years. In the autumn of 2008, we made a strategic decision to hive off 18 of the hotels in Norlandia Hotels & Resorts and establish the new company that now is known as Norlandia Hotel Group. Norlandia Hotel Group is intended to be a successful company which will expand into Europe by taking over lease agreements.
We believe the keys to future success are specialization and clarity of approach, and Norlandia Hotel Group bases itself on these. We will no longer have our own brand name, but will instead associate ourselves with strong brands as franchise partners. Several of the largest international brand names are expanding rapidly in Europe, but do not operate their own hotels. This is precisely where the opportunities lie for Norlandia Hotel Group.
Today, we have a strong management company made up of skilled and specialized employees with expertise within all the necessary fields. Our employees are extremely highly motivated, and dedicated to taking the company to new heights.
Norlandia Hotel Group is part of the Adolfsen Group, which apart from the hotel industry is broadly active within property development, healthcare/nursing, staffing and travel.
About NCG Group
NCG Group develops standard products, first and foremost related to the Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management sector. Our main objective is to simplify our customer?s daily tasks by using our innovative products, complete and cost reducing, improving management and control of the company.

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