Presentasjon av 4. kvartal 2010

The financial calendar for 2011 will be as follows:
Q4 Feb 25
Annual General Meeting May 20
Q1 May 6
Q2 Aug 26
Q3 Oct 28
Q4 Feb 24 (2012)

For further information, please contact:
Phone +47 48 07 80 80
Simtronics ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange: SIMTRO) works to prevent disasters from happening. The company is an international supplier of fire and gas safety systems, active fire fighting solutions and fire prevention systems. Simtronics’ flame and gas detectors represent the most accurate, reliable and robust safety technology available. The Company’s products, solutions and systems are used by the oil and gas industry as well as in shipping, petrochemical and other process industries and in mining. Simtronics has a well established market base in Europe with Norway, France, UK and Germany as the single most important markets. Simtronics’ heritage goes back to 1948.

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