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R?d & Regnskap chooses BizView as the basis for development of the ability to improve performance management for its clients

NCG Group is proud to announce that we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with one of the leading accounting firms in the Norwegian market. NCG Group will in cooperation with R?d & Regnskap Akershus develop a complete solution for accounting firms covering functions as balance reporting, profit and loss reporting, budgeting/forecasting, cash budgeting/forecasting and monitoring/analysis.
The solution will be developed with the leading web technology software product BizView and can be used by all leading accounting firms in the market. R?d & Regnskap Akershus will use the solution within their own organization to improve its services to all its customers. In addition they will offer their customers direct access to information, via web and internet, to information about their own business. R?d & Regnskap Akershus will also offer this solution to other accounting firms in the Norwegian market.
Managing director at NCG Norway, Lars Fjellbirkeland, said in connection with this strategic partnership that NCG Group can see great opportunities through this partnership and further develop performance management for small and medium sized companies.
For more information contact: [email protected] or [email protected]
About BizView
Software product with workflow and process management for planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, reports and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface, dashboards and web technology!
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About R?d & Regnskap
R?d & Regnskap is an accounting firm who covers the needs for financial assistance and financial counseling. We are specialized in key commercial areas. Accounting services is our largest business area. Counseling accounts for approx. 30% of our total revenue, making R?d & Regnskap an attractive partner.
About NCG Group
NCG Group develops software products for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Our main objective is to simplify, improve and streamline our customer?s daily tasks through intuitive and profitability oriented software products for more effective company control.

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