Travellink issues a 5-year bond for 325 million euros


The transaction will allow the largest group of online travel agencies in Europe to complete their internationalization and finance new business areas
Barcelona, 24 January 2013 – Travellink, the leading online travel agency in the Nordic market (,,, and part of the ODIGEO group. The group has issued a bond in its main markets (through its affiliate Geo Debt Finance, the financial subsidiary of the company?s group, ODIGEO) amounting to 325 million euros. Demand has reached approximately 1.3 billion euros, representing an oversubscription of 4 times the original requested amount. The offering has received orders from more than 100 investors, covering the bond issue within a few hours.
The CEO of the group, Javier Pérez-Tenessa, states that “this is the largest bond issue in the history of the e-commerce sector in Europe and the high investor interest demonstrates the enormous success and strength of group, in a time when other players in the travel industry are having a lot of problems.”
Among the factors that have created the most interest among investors, the sheer size of the group is emphasized, as it is the largest online travel agency in Europe, four times larger than its closest competitor. The diversification and internationalization of the group is also to be noted, which has led the OTA to be present in 38 countries with offers from over 500 airlines worldwide. Another reason for the positive response from investors is the continued growth of the online travel sector, whose market share currently reaches 40% in Europe.
The operation will allow the group greater flexibility to enter into new markets and to invest in new business areas such as mobile platforms and business travel.

The group that Travellink forms part of is the largest in the online travel agency sector in Europe. Travellink offers its services in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Poland. Travellink has recorded one of the highest growth rates in the Nordic market for online travel. The company offers a wide range of services including Leisure travel, Corporate travel and Conference and Events with products such as flights, hotels, dynamic packaging, and other products, which are available for its clients through booking engines that integrate the latest technologies and price searches.

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